The four key tracks of FFU 5 were recorded in multi instrumentalist Tim Bovaconti at his boutique studio
in the Upper Beaches area of Toronto.
There are two faces to the production.

01. Do You Dream *mono" 

Track 01 and 02 scratched a wee Joe Meek inspired ‘mono itch. 

Eugene Ripper, lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Tim Bovaconti - back up vocals, electric guitar,
baritone guitar, bass percussion

Eugene Ripper, lead vocals, acoustic guitar 
Tim Bovaconti - back up vocals, electric guitar,
baritone guitar, bass, percussion

03. Northern Train 
04. Angel 

Track 03 and 04 feature an old musical friend Micheal Rowe on lead vocals and bass guitar. Micheal and I worked together for a number of years in the late 80’s an 90’s (Toronto and Vancouver scenes) and this session was a a bit of a creative reunion tapping into our shared salt and pepper delight in the roots that nourish modern rock and roll music. In this case, the loopy rock and roll blues of "Northern Train" and the reggae rock of "Angel"

Eugene Ripper - acoustic guitar, loops
Micheal Rowe - bass guitar, lead vocals, harmonica
Tim Bovaconti - lap steel, piano, percussion

Eugene Ripper - electric guitar, melodic theme, bg vocals
Micheal Rowe - lead vocals,bass guitar,
Tim Bovaconti - keyboards, guitar,
mandolin, percussion, bg vocals

all songs written by Eugene Ripper
recorded and mixed  by Tim Bovaconti
produced by Eugene Ripper and Tim Bovaconti

re: The bonus tracks. This stuff represents selects from previous albums compiled for the European market - which is a relatively new for me (since 2014). Worth noting that “Lines”, “Gogh Van Gogh”, “Sweet As Rose” feature Billy Ficca (Television) on drums and percussion