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"FOLK SONG 3000"
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"Go Van Gogh"
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Sept 23 - Toronto, ON, Imperial
Sept 29 - Calgary, AB, Palomino
Sept 30 - Edmonton, AB,Black Dog (afternoon)
Sept 30 - Edmonton, AB, Blakbar (evening)
Oct 13 - Montreal, QC, Bar Fly
Oct 14 - Knowlton, QC, Thirsty Boot
Oct 21 - Mahone Bay, NS, Betty’s
Oct 26 - Halifax, NS, Gus’ Pub
Oct 28 - Edinburgh, UK, Voodoo Rooms
Oct 31 - Burghausen, DE, Mathida
Nov 03 - Lyon, FR, Kraspek Myzik
Nov 04 - Freiburg, DE, Rock Club Eimer
Nov 08 - Salzburg, AT, Whisky Museum
Nov 09 - Munich, DE. Kooks
Nov 10 - Leipzig, DE, Frau Graus
Nov 11 - Karschule, DE- Scruffy’s
Nov 12 - Berlin, DE, KollectivBar
Nov 14 - Glasgow, UK, Bloc
Nov 15 - Inverness, UK, Market Bar
Nov 16 - Inverness, UK, Market Bar
Nov 18 - York, UK, 45 Cafe
Nov 19 - Hull, UK, Adelphi
Nov 21 - Edinburgh, UK , Sneaky Petes
Nov 23 - Leeds, UK, The Grove
Nov 24 - Darwen, UK, Number 39 LIVE
Nov 25 - Warmington, UK, The Cheshire Cheese
Nov 30 - Vancouver, BC, Fox Cabaret

May 05 - Karlsruhe, Scruffys
May 06 - Karlsruhe, Scruffys
May 07 - Halle, VL FEST (afternoon)
May 07 - Leipzig, Frau Krause (evening)
May 09 - Salzburg, Whiskey Museum
May 11 - Klagenfurt, open air
May 12 - Klagenfurt, Das Wohnzimmer
May 13 = Feldbach, Glam
May 14 - Feldbach, Street Party
May 16 = Salzburg, Whiskey Museum
May 17 - Nuremberg, Kunstverein
May 18 - Mannheim, Alter
May 19 - Amsterdam, Het Groene Veld
May 20 - Berlin, KollectivBar ES
May 23 - Amsterdam, De Nieuwe Anita
May 25 - Rorschach, Treppenhaus
May 26 - Munich, Kooks
May 27 - Ljubljana, Harats

Mar 16 - Salzburg, Narren Castl
Mar 17 - Burghausen,Mathilda
Mar 18 - Munich, Glam
Mar 20 - Salzburg, Whiskey Museum
Mar 23 - Vienna, Polkadot
Mar 24 - Cologne, Frieda Bar
Mar 25 - Berlin. KollectivBar ES
Mar 31 - Montreal, La Petite Marche
Apr 01 - Knowlton QC, The Thirsty Boot

Jan 06 - Berlin, Wild at Heart
(supporting Garden Gang)
Jan 12 - Salzburg, Whiskey Museum
Jan 13 - Salzburg, Whiskey Museum
Jan 14 - Munich, Glockenbach
(supporting Garden Gang)
Jan 19 - Hamburg, Hafenklang
(supporting Kaltfront)
Jan 20 - Dresden, Chemiefabrik
(supporting Los Fastidios)
Jan 21 - Kiel, Chill out Lounge Palenke
Jan 25 - Leipzig, Stoned

"Hammer Comes Down"
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"Ride The Northern Train (Ripper Mix)"
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After cutting his rock and roll teeth as a founding guitarist in first wave Canadian surf punkabilly rockers, Stark Naked & The Fleshtones, Ripper launched a solo career that continues to this day featuring a synthesis of punk, folk, roots and rock n roll. From barbed fast' n' furious acoustic punk folk, rock n roll, sonic atmospherics, lyrical dark ballads and beat driven spoken word,
Ripper wraps it all up in post modern stance and punk rock ethos.

AlterCool (2018)

links to soundcloud
Ballad of the Hangman
End of the Highway
Queen Street 1987
Vincent's Lament
One Fateful Night

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The title track coupled with two companion tunes " Matador " and " Ballad of The Hangman " represents a collaboration with Halifax based production team Charles Austin/Graeme Campbell (Buck 65, Aqua Alta). At the heart of the work is a nine minute spoken word, beat driven, sonic dedication to the memory of Ripper's musical friend and collaborator Walter Kuhr, a New York based composer, bandleader and accordion guru who passed away in 2015 after battling cancer.

Also featured on the platter are four songs from 2015's Fast Folk Underground 4.0 EP recorded with producer John Critchley. Another notable bit: Billy Ficca (Televison) appears on
" Queen Street 1987 " playing drums and bongos.

" Matador " (from the album "Altercool" )

" Vincent's Lament " (from the album "Altercool")
live version video recorded in Berlin

"Ripper puts spikes back in folk music."
Vancouver Province

" Ballad of the Hangman" (from the album "Altercool")

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"Toronto's underexposed gem Eugene Ripper has been honing his unique brand of fast-folk with a punk rock ethos since the early '90s. Don't miss a chance to be transported to his noir universe."
Pop Montreal

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